Next Generation Journalists

Are you passionate enough?
Can Iowa State recruit you?

We asked these questions to upperclassmen and women in media ethics class. Here are their responses.

Are you passionate about journalism?

I‘m passionate about broadcast news journalism because in the last 50 years it has managed to evolve and stay current with our ever changing society in its own unique way. I’ve really enjoyed working for ISUtv, reporting on events and stories I’ve covered over the air; that is a special joy of mine. I also enjoy simply being a DJ for KURE radio. It is good practice if I ever want to pursue my passion for music and music events.

The side of journalism I’m most passionate about is its expression of human emotion. That’s what I want to write about, those clear moments that change a person’s life, where what they feel is consuming and mindset shaping, be it jubilance, peace, anguish or more. I am also passionate about photography. A picture is worth so much more than a thousand words, but it needs a talented story writer beside it.

I am most excited about developments in mass communication; we can be up to date on events and news from all around the world within seconds.

I am passionate about the learning aspect of journalism. I become excited every time I get a new story because I know that I’ll learn something new from interviewing my sources. Journalism also helps to alleviate misconceptions spread through the internet and other mass media outlets because journalists have a wonderful opportunity to listen and tell the story how it really is.

I am most passionate about copy editing. I do it for the Daily. I love spelling and grammar.

I am most passionate about telling stories of seemingly humble people that have a miraculous past. I am most passionate about telling the stories of people who have been doubted, written off, etc. but who really are nice people.

I am passionate about Journalism because I love capturing moments. Maybe its an athlete’s celebration after an unbelievable upset, a travelers voyage through new territory, or an inspirational story that brings tears to viewers’ eyes. I love that through still and moving image, along with open-minded reporting, I can share and recreate those moments with other people.

Writing is who I am. It is my passion. I personally treasure this passion because I am able to share with my readers about successes, sorrows, hopes, dreams, history and moments of a lifetime. Words can be a powerful tool when used correctly. By using them correctly I have set as one of my goals in life to do what I can to make the world a better place for my readers.

I‘m passionate about photojournalism, I think it’s one way to experience different kinds of lives within my own life.

I am most passionate about using journalism to inform people so they can then make informed decisions in their everyday lives.

I am most passionate about the people I talk to and interview. Talking to people and getting the real story is important and always interesting. People give you different perspective to ideas or events that a piece of paper cannot do.

I am most passionate about the ability to inform people about something I love. I love what I write about and my goal is to engage even one person in what I write about as well. I really enjoy making other people happy by providing information they need.

I‘m extremely passionate about journalism, because I love to tell people stories. The best thing about journalism is that the stories I tell are not only factual, but also are going to help people and that is something else that I enjoy doing. In short journalism combines two of my loves.

I am most passionate about photojournalism and the ability to show people things they don’t have the ability to see or show people things in a new way that they have not seen before.

Serving readers the truth with the news.

I am passionate about the ever changing atmosphere of modern day journalism. I love that each day is different and I never have to write the same story twice. However, I also like the consistency of it. There is a routine to follow, even if it is minor. The different ways of getting the news out to people (media outlets) are growing and that is overwhelming but very exciting for our future.

I‘m most passionate about broadcast journalism. In particular television and radio. I have worked for a local radio station, 1430 KASI, for the past three years. I also did my 499 internship there. I’m also the sports director at ISUtv. I love all aspects of broadcast television, from producing, shooting and editing video, and even being in front of the camera as an anchor.

Not only being able to expose yourself to a variety of topics, people and culture, but going beyond that and sharing it with others. I’ve always considered journalists a teacher of sorts, educating society on everything going on around them. Making people aware, informed and simply exposed to these things is what fuels my passion for journalism.

Pursue the truth and demonstrate the real social change.

I’m most passionate with informing the people about what’s happening in the world.

Communication is the aspect of journalism that I am most passionate about. Whether it is through a newspaper article, photo, or Tweet, I love that journalism can share a story with the world. I find it fascinating that the world can even communicate back. To me, that is what journalism is all about — that process of communication.

I love talking with people, hearing their stories, being on the “inside” of news. I like being one of the first people to know about things.

What excites me about is journalism is seeing the passion in my classmates to get the facts about the world around us.

I am most passionate about the people I talk to and interview. Talking to people and getting the real story is important and always interesting. People give you different perspective to ideas or events that a piece of paper cannot do.

The aspect of journalism I am most passionate about is hearing peoples’ stories and sharing them. I am also passionate about spreading information that could improve peoples’ lives.

How can we recruit the next generation of journalists?

I believe stronger newspaper programs in high school would benefit the number of students interested in journalism. Also, many people think of communications as an adequate substitute for a journalism major; this is not the case. Students should be made aware that journalism is a great way to build an educational foundation that can throw them into a high paying career. A reason why more students do not do journalism as a major may be money. “We aren’t in it for the money!” is a phrase I have heard instructors say – well, money is important so that shouldn’t be a bragging point. Emphasis on high job placement rates and salary offers after graduation should be stressed; if those are not bragging points of a journalism program, then that is something that should seriously be improved upon from an administrative standpoint.

I think the easiest way to attract high school students is to present examples of journalists they read. I know there are a ton of kids out there who have idols in the journalism world and don’t even know it. I know when I was younger I saw writers like Joshua Topolsky and Nilay Patel (of The Verge and Engadget) and always wanted to do what they did. It didn’t hit me until last year that they were journalists. Journalism is the gateway into countless careers covering every possible topic. Let them know that internet so accessible, if something interests them, it also interests someone else too. You can be involved in the field you love through journalism, no matter what it is.

What can be done to attract more high school students to journalism? Better advertising for what it really is. When I was in high school, the thought of journalism had me picturing strictly working behind a desk, or strictly being a reporter, or strictly a photographer, and all strictly for a newspaper. The idea of it seemed trapping, but there’s so much more to it than that. Convergence is happening, and while this may make the field more challenging compared to its past, it also makes it more interesting for the younger generation. With more and more technology, today’s youth has a shorter attention span and because of this, many young people will not be satisfied with doing just one thing. There is a lot of freedom in media for an individual to spread around and try an array of different styles. This is its challenge; this is its appeal.

I was attracted to journalism in high school because of the ability it gave me not only to share stories with other students but also the community because our paper was printed in the town’s newspaper as well. It also meant I got to document the high school experience, which I enjoyed greatly.

I think high school students may think of journalism as just writing, so if you present all of the other aspects of journalism besides the writing you may get more students interesting in photography or video or the news broadcast anchor type of positions.

I think giving high school students the chance to see what journalism is like would be a good recruiting tool. Giving them the chance to shadow or do a workshop with a professional journalist, be it print, broadcast or photo, would be a really cool way to capture their own passion.

To get more students excited about journalism, I would suggest stressing the value of a journalism degree compared to most other liberal arts degrees.

I keep hearing from Mark Witherspoon (college media adviser) and many other journalism experts that this time right now is the most exciting time to be a journalist. Tell them why it’s exciting. Explain to them how they can contribute and that being a journalist doesn’t equal only print journalism.

I think high school students are steered away from journalism because they think they will never get a job or be well-paid in a journalistic career. If they felt they had better prospects, they might be more attracted to the field.

High school students should know journalism is incredibly exciting and rewarding. I learn something new every day.

I think it’s good to keep students mindful that this era of journalism we are entering offers so many opportunities that were never before available. The media convergence our society is now entering is fascinating, and changes every day. We could use as many young minds as possible. Those who are so accustomed to things like social media sites and online news sources could offer a lot of support and substance to this new era of journalism opportunities.

To get students excited about journalism you just need to express, “What would we do without the news?” If you had no idea what was going on, how would our world survive? We travel, report, collect interviews, research, and multiple other things just for our viewers. It’s a great way to see the world or learn new things by being a reporter/journalist. I could not imagine my life any other way anymore. Journalism is a way of life. After you’ve gotten into it, you can never turn your back on it.

I think more high school students would be attracted to journalism if they get to watch a live news show and spend a day in the newsroom a radio station. I think simply going out and experiencing the field will give prospective journalism students an idea of what they are getting in to. I know I found that very helpful.

Expose them to more aspects of journalism than just writing. Growing up, I was always taught that only good writers would make good journalists. These days, this isn’t the case and students should be shown all the possibilities. Writing, editing, photojournalism, multimedia and social media—there is something that could attract students of all interests.

Tell them a good journalist is able to be closer to the truth than anyone else.

The traveling and networking opportunities are what could attract high school students.

Ithink showing high school students all journalism has to offer is very important. Students may not be aware of all of the opportunities that journalism can present. Showing them the different ways they can get involved with journalism at the college level may excite them.

I would let them know that it doesn’t just mean you have to be a writer for a newspaper and that journalism is not a profession that is dying out! Inform them that journalism can be integrated into many different fields and doesn’t mean you’ll be sitting at a desk the whole time.

First off, I think most high school students believe that journalism is dying. That should be the biggest concern, showing students that journalists are always going to be needed. I don’t think most students know how exciting being a journalist can be either. One minute you can be doing a feature story about prom, and the next you could be at the scene of a fire or accident. Finally, be sure to address the fact that there are different beats and such in journalism. If you don’t like politics, you can avoid that and still be a good journalist.

To be honest, I’m not sure what can be done to bring more high schoolers into the world of journalism. Maybe allowing them to see how the negative aspects of false journalism can hurt people and how truthfulness and helping the community are much better than fiction.

I think attracting high school students to journalism can be accomplished by sharing all of the different outlets journalism professionals have to publish their work.

Twitter and other social media tools are becoming very powerful and journalists especially are learning how to use those effectively, and only when social media is used effectively will the world be a much better place to live in.

To attract high school students to Journalism just tell them what journalism is all about. Show the students your passion.

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